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Transfer Rates

On this page you will find the price list of the most common routes of the car rental service with driver in Rome . Transfers from Ciampino (CIA) and Fiumicino (FCO) airports to Rome and vice versa. Routes to and from other areas of Rome and various points of interest.
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Fiumicino Apt ~ Rome Center €55 €85
Fiumicino Apt ~ Ciampino Apt €55 €85
Fiumicino Apt ~ Civitavecchia Port €160 €200
Ciampino Apt ~ Rome Center €55 €80
Ciampino Apt ~ Civitavecchia Port €170 €220
Rome Center ~ Civitavecchia Port €160 €200
Rome Center ~ Outlet Castel Romano €55 €75
Rome Center ~ Valmontone Outlet €110 €140

Sedan: up to 3 passengers – Minivan: up to 7 passengers

  • All rates are inclusive of VAT 10%
  • Night Rate:  For transfers made  after 22:00 and before 6:30 a 20% surcharge  will be applied

You can also pay for the transfer by credit or debit card directly to the driver!